Coins are made based on your design wishes, purpose of use, financial and time possibilities

Design obverse

Coins can be single-sided or double-sided, two-dimensional (2D, cut up or down) or three-dimensional (3D, spatial representation).
2D +
3D +

Design reverse (optional)

0D +
2D +
3D +


Circles +
Square +
Rectangle +
Oval +
According to your brand or your chosen shape +

Choose size


The coins can be made in gold, silver, bronze with a shiny, glossy coating, as well as gold, silver and bronze with an antique coating. Coins can be silver-plated and gilded. Different types of processing appearance, color fillings are possible.
Antique nickel +
Antique brass +
Antique copper +
Nickel +
Brass +
Copper +
Silver +
Gold +
Gold imitation +
Brushed gold +
Matt nickel +
Nickel in sandblasting technique +
Gold tone in sandblasting technique +
Polished aluminum +
Polished brass +
Black metal +
Soft enamel in gold tone +
Synthetic enamel in gold tone +
Soft enamel in silver tone +
Synthetic enamel in silver tone +


Coins can be treated with soft enamel (the coin retains its embossing after the paint has been applied) and synthetic enamel (after the paint has been applied, it blends with the embossing and obtains a level surface). Maximum number of colors - five. We work according to the Pantone Solid Coated color scale to make the end result great and suitable for your corporate needs.



Plastic bag +
Specially designed leather box +



The coin's cliché is kept for three years. This means that a cliché will not be charged for a repeat order during this period and only the production of the coin itself will be charged.
Clichés are stored in our workshop and are not issued to the customer after the order has been made, unless we have agreed in advance.
We strictly adhere to the customer privacy policy so you can be sure that your coins will be made exclusively for you!

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